Juliette's story founder & creative at Bayu

The story starts with the life of the founder Juliette. Growing up in the 90’s and 00’s, ads with unrealistically skinny models were popping up on billboards, commercials, teen-magazines and everything in between. For young women likes Juliette, it created a world view that either your tall, skinny and non-expressive or you’re not worthy of luxury, respect and self love.

Even though the people around her told her she was beautiful, the images of those skinny models for luxury brands were branded into her eyelids, blinding her from the truth that she deserves as much love as any other. Her low self-esteem has set her on a path of bad relations and a sense of feeling lost, without a sense of purpose in life.  

At one moment, she decided to step out of her normal life, pack up her stuff and move to Bali and see what would happen. She quickly found a lifestyle where she was working out, eating healthy, meditate and connected with people that love fashion, photography and styling. The influences of all the expats in Bali from over the world with their own unique style, inspired Juliette to make that garment for herself that confronted her with her own insecurities the most: a bikini.

Bayu’s beginnings

She tailored the bikini to fit her own body since most brands would not cater to her forms. When she finally got the bikini she liked, she started wearing it every day in combination with her clothes. She got requests from many people where she bought the bikini. She started making a small batch for everyone interested and it was quickly sold out. She got more requests and thus Bayu was born.

The brand quickly grew and started selling to large retailers like Bijenkorf and Selfridges. Although more opportunities quickly appeared, Juliette decided to let the company grow organically and in a sustainable way to keep control over its identity. Although Jules is still inconfident sometimes, the experience of making ladies all around the world happy and confident with their bikinis is the biggest source of passion for Juliette. It reflects her own personal story and it has given her the passion to build the brand into a global symbol for feminity and confidence.

Juliette would describe Bayu as the love and confidence, that she wants to give other women with her bikinis, that she never had for herself while growing up.

Bayu today

In only a few years Bayu faced a transition from a small Bali project to a medium sized company in The Netherlands, catering to demanding luxury retailers. The quick growth was a very challenging process. We have been led away from our cause by using to many standart models and trying to make the images too perfect.

Bayu is a young company searching for a way to cater our bikinis to all different women and sizes. In the process we make mistakes although we are doing better every year. We are currently working hard to make collections you can wear through out the whole year, like clothing.


What we stand for

Bayu is created from the passion for style and beauty as a way to compliment and empower you ladies all over the world. We believe that there is nothing more attractive then confidence and Bayu's goal is to give you that with our bikinis, flowy dresses, bold prints and shiny colors. We want to support you on your journey in life.